Maalik (Besharams Web Series) Release Date, Actress Name, Cast, Story, Trailer

Maalik (Besharams Web Series) Watch Online, Release Date, Actress Name, Cast, Story, Trailer
Maalik (Besharams Web Series) Watch Online, Release Date, Actress Name, Cast, Story, Trailer

Hello Guys, today we will talk about Maalik Besharams Web Series Release Date,Actress Name, Cast, Story, Trailer. Maalik is an upcoming Indian Hindi Web Series in Besharams App. Here we will see Besharams Web Series famous actress Malvika Tomer playing the lead role. Maalik Web Series is going to be released on Besharams app very soon, it is expected that this Maalik  Web Series will be released in 29 July 2023. The makers of Maalik Web Series released an official trailer on Besharams official YouTube channel. To know more information about Maalik Web Series, keep using the information given below.

Maalik Besharams Web Series Release Date

Maalik Besharams Web Series on Besharams app & this Maalik Besharams Web Series will release on 29 July 2023. The Maalik Besharams Web Series is expected to have a total of 5 episodes, and the release date of part one has been confirmed from the Maalik Besharams Web Series released on Besharams own App.

Maalik Besharams Web Series Wiki Detials

Web Series Name Maalik
Main Cast Malvika Tomer
Director Porus
Production Company Besharams Original
Release Date 29 July 2023
Season 1
Episodes 5
Running time 25 m
Genre Drama, Romance
Language Hindi,English,Tamil,Telgu
OTT Platform Besharams App
Country India

Maalik Besharams Web Series Cast & Crew

Let’s look at the cast of Besharams web series, this time also Besharams which is cure, in Besharams web series, very big actors and actresses are going to cast their web series, in this web series, your favorite Malvika Tomer will be seen in the lead role. Even before this, Malvika Tomer has appeared in many webseries of Beharams and people like her a lot inside the web series because her acting is tremendous and people like to watch her.

  • Maalvika Tomer
  • Kamal Krishna Poudial

Maalik Besharams Web Series Story

The trailer begins by showing a small family, there is a man named Bhanu in the family, who works in a company to run the expenses of his family, the owner of the company in which he works, at Bhanu’s house. When he comes, he tells his master that Malika requests you to stay at home for two-four days, where will you go now in the rain, only then the owner wants to be the owner, but then only Bhanu is there. When Trisha’s daughter comes from school, seeing her, the owner of the house becomes infatuated with Trisha, after that the owner is also ready to stay, now the owner of the house is his daughter Keeps on scolding him and gives him a job as an accountant in his company and also makes his salary 50000. When trisha used to study in school, she used to get only 8000, then her family members say that we have sent Malik home that our boys Whatever is the settlement, but you have done your own settlement, now the relationship between Malik and Trisha becomes good and what happens next will be known after the release of this webseries.

Maalik Besharams Web Series Watch Online

If you want this web series, this web series will be released on 29 July 2030 on the Besharams OTT from which you can see what you have, but you will have to take subscription of the Besharams OTT app, you will have to take a subscription of the monthly and early subscription. Who can enjoy Besharams app.


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